Recycle Smartphones & Cell Phones for Cash is the #1 bulk smartphone recycling program in the U.S. for 20 (or more) phones. Thousands of participating nonprofits, businesses & individuals have earned tens of millions of dollars through our program. We have responsibly recycled over 7 million phones since 2002.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Request a free Smartphone Recycling Kit. We offer three options:
    OPTION 1: Sell 20 or more smartphones & cell phones for cash.
    OPTION 2: Fundraise through smartphone collection & recycling.
    OPTION 3: Donate 20 or more phones to support our troops.
  2. Ship your phones for free using our FedEx prepaid labels.
  3. Get paid up to $350 per smartphone. We also pay great prices for damaged smartphones and pay for all cell phones. Learn more about pricing.
  4. Get paid fast! The program is ongoing, so recycle & earn year-round!

Please Call 800-203-1506 to
Request Your Smartphone Recycling Kit