The Secure Lost & Found Recycling Solution provides a valuable, secure and environmentally necessary recycling program for lost & founds nationwide. Thousands of businesses, nonprofits, schools, police departments, and government agencies use our program to responsibly recycle unclaimed smartphones & tablets.

If lost & found devices are disposed of without proper data erasure, you run the risk of publicly exposing your guests' sensitive and confidential data. Our Certified Data Erasure option gives your customers the security they deserve.

Recycle 10 to 10,000 Devices in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Print FedEx Free Shipping Labels or Request a Recycling Kit.
  2. Ship us your devices for free using our FedEx labels.
  3. Get paid up to $400 per smartphone & tablet. We also pay great prices for damaged & locked devices, and we pay for all cell phones. Learn more.
  4. Donation Option: You can donate your recycling proceeds to support our troops.
Recycle phones for cash
Recycle phones for cash